We are all just a little insane, it’s no use trying to hide it. What seems normal for one person is pretty insane to another. Fercho Energy, Saporta & Samu Herrero gives us some music to let loose our inner insanity, if only for a few minutes.

“Little Insane” is the new afterparty anthem that can get out of hand, but what’s an afterparty without people whispering the next morning “I did what?!”. “Little Insane” is the epitome of bass house in these modern times because it has that heavy bounce feel deep in its bass synthesizers. It’s the perfect rhythm to jump around to as you have the time of your life on a night that should have been over two hours ago. Jump up and celebrate a good night with Fercho Energy, Saporta & Samu Herrero as they drive you just a “Little Insane”.

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Connect with Fercho Energy & Samu Herrero: Facebook/SoundCloud