DJing, which has become quite a common hobby for electronic music fans, is now even more accessible here in 2016. Pioneer has announced the launch of their WeDJ app for iPhone and iPad users. This app would be a great tool for new DJs who want to try and get the hang of DJ software before jumping into something a bit more advanced. Professionals can also preview tracks/mixes while not at their computers, too. The app includes jog wheels, waveforms, and play/cue buttons along with your traditional crossfader and tempo sliders. And that’s not all, Pioneer has also included a bunch of effects and samples that you can use to actually create a unique set on your mobile devices.

When ready, new users can upgrade from mixing right on their phone to one of Pioneer’s new DDJ WeGO controllers. You can plug your phone directly into these controllers and play sets straight from your iTunes library. When I first decided to pick up mixing as a hobby, I started out on one of these DDJ WeGO controllers, then followed up with an upgrade to a new controller each following year that I got better. I think anybody can take this route to becoming a better DJ, as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to learn!

Portability was perhaps the only thing missing from the gear that professional DJs use on a regular basis. Although this app may seem like it’s more appropriate for beginners, I would think that there are a number of DJs out there that feel the need to create the perfect transition while on the road, when they don’t have access to their studios. If you are into mixing, you know the moment where you hear a track that would fit perfectly into something else, and all you can do is wait until you get home to try it out. Pioneer has solved this issue while also offering a basic learning tool for beginners.

The Pioneer WeDJ app is available on the App Store. Check out a video of how professional DJs use this tool below.

(Magnetic Mag)