The world’s most exclusive gathering in the desert, Burning Man, has released their 2017 theme.

The theme this year is “Radical Ritual.” The theme will pivot on the idea of religion as a way to choose one’s path. Attendees are encouraged to perform rites, rituals and create shrines, temples, icons and more.

The gathering takes place every August in Little Rock Dessert, Nev. Tickets sell out almost instantly and getting to the desert is no easy task.

The official Burning Man statement is found below:

“Beyond the dogmas, creeds, and metaphysical ideas of religion, there is immediate experience. It is from this primal world that living faith arises. In 2017, we will invite participants to create interactive rites, ritual processions, elaborate images, shrines, icons, temples, and visions. Our theme will occupy the ambiguous ground that lies between reverence and ridicule, faith and belief, the absurd and the stunningly sublime. The human urge to make events, objects, actions, and personalities sacred is protean. It can fix on and inhabit anyone or anything. This year our art theme will release this spirit in the Black Rock Desert.” 

(Burning Man Journal)