Nails on a chalkboard is how I’d describe the opening song featuring Snails “ur 2 cool” on ‘Buffering…’. “I don’t fuck with you cuz’ you think you’re fucking cool.” I appreciate the nonsensical chanting throughout the four-track album and unusual sounds that are thoughtfully positioned, even if they resemble a woodpecker on cocaine. “Simple Sounds” showcases Botnek’s crescendo mastery. “Losing My Mind” exhibits demonic NIN cover band characteristics with it’s nod to industrial music. “Pickles!” embodies childhood nostalgia through it’s laser tag sample and focus on the delectable, salty snack.

This quite possibly is the weirdest album I’ve ever heard, but you must high five the Canadian twosome who figured out a way to standout in a sea of aviciis; heavy hitters DJ Snake, Skrillex and David Guetta were thoroughly impressed with Botnek’s 2016’s sound design experimentation and notable remixes. Needless to say, this was definitely the year of the pickle.

Check out ‘Buffering…’ now: