Resident Advisor is continuing their momentum this week with not only their Top 100 DJs, but also with the Top 40 live acts.

Some performers that made it on the chart are Nicholas Jarr, Rrose, Surgeon, Moderat, and Recondite. However, taking the No. 1 spot again this year was KiNK.

KiNK is always equipped with an arsenal of DJ equipment and is never standing still. He has the ability to play all different types of music at his shows, while never losing the crowd. He may start with house music, but then come up with a blend of hip-hop and acid house all at a moments notice.

Resident Advisor put it best: he is less of a live act than he is a one man band. We would like to congratulate all the live acts and DJ’s that made it on the charts.

Check out the full list here.