The Krewella sisters, Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, started off 2016 with a bang releasing their Ammunition EP. Now they are ending the year with an explosion with their newest single, “Team,” which is only a teaser of what’s to come in 2017.

Through the new single, Krewella proves that they are even stronger and confident than ever, following the fallout with their former member, Kris Trindl, AKA Rain Man. Despite the hate and the number of people who have turned their backs on the Yousaf sisters, they’ve embraced themselves as musicians, public figures, Muslims, feminists and role models. They’ve broken out of their norms and decided to go back to their roots with small intimate shows during their Sweatbox tour, and now through their latest song, they are sending a message of happiness, power and never giving up.

Krewella releases "Team"

Krewella releases “Team”

Krewella released the song Dec. 9, along with a music video that shows them partying with their closest friends and riding around on bikes on the streets of California with not a care in the world, accessorized with a gold crown and Pakistani jewelry to match the Bollywood-feel beats. They flaunt their close-knit “Team” over future pop production, upbeat rhythms, feel good vibes and infectious, exotic melodies. The sisters incorporate  their catchy, languid vocals that stem from classical Indian/Pakistani musical chords, which they grew up listening to.

While releasing the official music video, Krewella wrote a special message on Facebook to thank those involved with helping them create “Team,” such as Cody Tarpley, Dan Henig, Chris Lord and their manager Nathan Lim for directing the music video.

“This song is going to mean different things to everyone who hears it, but we wrote it about arriving at a point in our lives where we don’t need validation from anyone but our own selves to feel damn good, and about shedding the negativity in our lives. This song is not ‘no new friends’ this is ‘only real ones.’ Last but not least, thank you to our Krew – our TEAM – for listening, streaming, buying, & supporting in any way possible.”

Listen to “Team” and let us know what you think!

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