We’re pleased to present our brand new exclusive premiere, straight from Mixmash Records.

Shelco Gracia & Teenwolf go ‘Sky High’ with their brand new release on the Laidback Luke-founded label. Top-notch vocals from singer LeeLee Haxi reel you into this head-turning track, while uplifting drops will make you want to give it a second listen. The track is effortlessly creative and makes us do a double-take to realize just how talented Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf really are as a production duo.

“With ‘Sky High’ we wanted to make a record that felt personal to us. There’s a lot of emotion in that instrumental, the singer songwriter LeeLee Haxi really captured that feeling and translated it into words. We really hope this record catches on with radio and connects with people as much as it does with us.” – Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf

If you don’t already know Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf, then you’ll likely be more than curious after taking a listen to “Sky High.” The artists are exclusively signed to Mixmash Records and never fail to take you by surprise with their releases. The two had a successful 2016 and are releasing their brand new single just in time for the new year. They’ve worked with Laidback Luke, Madonna, Diplo, and Major Lazer, so it’s sure to say that they are no strangers to success. Their viral release “That’s My Jam” had over 89 millions views, so we’re hoping that “Sky High” will see just as much success.

Check out “Sky High” out on Mixmash Records below and get ready to hear more from Shelco Garcia and Teenwolf in the coming year.


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