Finnish-Estonian collective, Clientèle, has just released an experimental global accumulation of sounds in their newest EP Gaijin. The EP combines music and rhythms varying from post colonial Central Europe, to the rich symphonic reaches of Africa, South America, and Asia. Clientèle’s worldly rhythms synthesize with Nordic melancholy melodies to create their own distinct path through a world of bass-dominated music.

Clientèle produces primarily cinematic soundscapes with globally-influenced rhythms. The two man collective is currently based in Amsterdam. This project also features a UK based rapper E. Mak, marking the beginning of hopefully what becomes frequent future collaborations.The project, as well as the artists, maintain an atmosphere of mystery.

“Start of Your Ending” begins tranquil with gentle rushing sounds, as though you just awoke from a nap and found your ear pressed to the sand, listening to the tide on a quiet beach. The song builds with rhythmic drums, cosmic electronica, and an Indian-like melodic beat. The artists have this EP hashtagged on their Soundcloud account as #dark riddims. “Recife” continues to rise, almost angelically, as a deeper trap sound begins to emerge with fast-paced African drums and vocal refrain. Their music connects the listener with the most primal part of themselves, a deep rhythm and need to dance, even when the lyrics and meaning remain unknown. “Until We Up” features rapper E. Mak’s fiery vocals as an airy, euphoric background builds and intertwines with the rapper’s lyrics.

“Lost in Translation” is my personal favorite. For anyone who has ever wanted to twirl carefree around a rainforest, this is the song for you. It’s wind instrumentals and uplifting beat is distinctly South American and utterly entrancing. Clientèle leaves us with the promise “I Will Be Right Here,” beginning with an eerie voice over instructing listeners to only keep in our life what is essential, as dark cinematic music rises. The song laps into a circadian rhythm with euphoric electronica and synthesized whispers: “I will, I will be right here.”

Clientèle was kind enough to give us a statement on their newest, mysterious project:

“Due to our surroundings as Northen Europeans, we are naturally drawn to melancholic harmonies and soundscapes. For the past year we’ve been growing into our sound, taking influences from baile funk, afrobeat, dancehall, garage and other rhythmic music. Our EP – Gaijin is a manifestation of these two worlds colliding into a rhythmic cinematic experience.”

Experience the full EP Gajin below:

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