The Guardian released a new report stating that nearly 60 percent of U.S. ecstasy is not only cut with toxins, but also contains a minute to no amount of ecstasy’s chief ingredient, MDMA. The synthetic fillers can include PMA, methylene, and drugs that have been making news for their violent side effects like Flakka and bath salts.

The Guardian went on,

“According to data collected from a range of sources, anywhere between 30% and 60% of what is being sold as molly or ecstasy in the USA is not in fact MDMA.”

A Drug Enforcement Agency spokesman explained to the newspaper, “We don’t really see MDMA any more.”

While certain music festivals have been offering drug education and testing kits, strict polices make it difficult for festivals to provide a more encompassing drug education to attendees.

While the electronic music community knows drugs at shows are inevitable, it is highly advised to use a drug kit … it could be the difference between life and death.

(Dancing Astronaut)