Hip-hop’s newest up-and-comers have all teamed up for a massive tune released via SoundCloud yesterday.

Produced by bbno$ and lzr, “bidniss” is a killer rap tune that properly showcases all of the artists’ talents throughout the two-minute track.

bbno$ opens the track right away with a chilled-out hook over hard-hitting subs and bouncy percs, which proves to be a perfect complement to bucket‘s choppier verses. Yung Bambi follows up with some sinister lines, before ultimately closing out with bbno$ again.

It’s always interesting when rappers slide over to the production side of things and bbno$ proved to be successful in this case (plus, lzr is super gifted). Check out his new interview with Kamereon Society below and stay tuned for a lot more to come from the Vancouver-based artist.

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