Lil Texas is embracing his technical side with Yung Satan in this bubbling new bouncy beat “Private Yacht.” The track is a swirling blend of electronica with a steady dance pulse complimented by the vocal sample of Toni Braxton found throughout the track. “Private Yacht” is comprised of dance floor resonance that reaches multiple points on the sound spectrum, making it truly impossible to confine to one genre alone.

“Really glad we made this track on drugs and finished it sober. Enjoy a positive ride through this genre bending track” Lil Texas playfully notes about his new fun number. Yung Satan saw it more like, “Imagine playing Cruisin World on Nintendo 64 and you think it’s on the Berlin level but halfway through you realize it’s actually the Atlanta level.” The track is luxurious, sparkling and indulgent, like a glass of champagne on your own…well, the title says it all.

DJ/Producer Lil Texas has been bumping out beats since 2012 and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. He has perfected his ambiguous and diverse set of ethereal sounds, his music acting like sonic concoction of colorful chords coupled with Trap and club beats that lift listeners up into euphoria. As a founding member of the M|O|D crew and former Donky Pitch Records signee, he models his craft around modern day aesthetics and then pairs it with bass driven and Hip-Hop infused flair. The best of both worlds.

Lay back, grab a tall glass of bubbly, and sail away on Lil Texas and Yung Satan’s “Private Yacht” below:

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