Firefly Music Festival has taken the phrase “For the people, by the people,” to a new level, having just distinguished themselves as the very first major music festival to be completely fan-curated. From the artist lineup to the food selection, fans and festival attendees will have the opportunity to vote on everything they want the Dover, Del. festival to include.

“Over the last four years, we have booked 31 of the top 40 mid-tier acts and 7 of the top 10 headliners … solely because you wanted them,” the Red Frog Events-operated music festival posted on their website. Through surveys, voting and fan-oriented data, the festival plans to expand this ideology to all aspects of the festival.

“We like to think of the festival as a family matter; it is something that we all work on together.”

Though Firefly has expanded from being a 30,000 person festival in its first year to being a 90,000 person, Paul McCartney-headlined festival only three years later, the value of the festival community has remained intact as the years go by.

Though it’s impossible to tell if this will create an impact on music festival culture as a whole, we can hope that this will lead to similar concepts among other festivals. As hundreds of major music festivals compete with each other, Firefly Music Festival is setting themselves apart by paving a path to even better festivals. Check out more information on the festival over at