We have never been secret about our love for graphics and catchy slogan T-shirts. And when we’ve run out of real estate across our chests, the next logical place to stitch and embroider snarky catchphrases would be our outerwear. And that’s where Elizabeth Ilsley comes into the picture.

This young Brit’s fashion line of customized leather jackets¬†has only¬†empowering messages and a very relatable no-filter attitude. The fact that Rihanna wears her clothes is proof of her undeniable coolness. And honestly, what’s worse than not being cool?






“Shocking to some, hilarious to the next and sexy to the rest Ilsley provides a feminist message on forty-two square inch boards from a twenty-one-year-old mind full of regrets and seductive stories to tell.”

Really, who can’t get behind that?

Peep the collection here.