Dubbed “the one to watch” by Martin Garrix & MTV, Julian Jordan is quickly becoming one of dance music’s hotshots by stunting such an impressive track record over such a short time. He brings a fresh spin to the dance scene, fusing trademark sounds and bombast with exciting new twists and influences.

The Dutch DJ stands out by doing his own thing and not following the hype. He expressed that he likes to “think outside the box, and what inspires me are other artists who do that as well.”

A variety of releases such as “Welcome” with Martin Garrix, “Midnight Dancers,” “A Thousand Miles” featuring Ruby Prophet, “Rebound,” “All Night,” “Angels x Demons,” “Up In This!” “Aztec,” and many more, have proved that he is able to put his money where his mouth is. He’s performed at many festivals from EDC to Tomorrowland, but it’s clear that he is adept at translating this ethos for the dance floor.

“I know labels are looking for fresh tracks that could be the new hype. So, Don’t follow the hype; create it!”

Jordan is certainly continuing his unique hype with a new Christmas special release, “Memory,” which celebrates the amazing year he’s experienced. From playing the Ultra Mainstage in March, Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas and an EMA Nomination in November, 2016 had it all for Jordan. The track is out now available and fans can download it for free.

The DJ and producer is ending off the year with gigs in the U.S. and finally in Croatia on New Years Eve, plus an exciting announcement on his first compilation, It’s Julian Jordan.

Jordan admitted, “I’m really proud of my whole career so far and the choices I’ve made, but of course my Beatport No. 1 is one of my greatest achievements. I’m really proud of my own upcoming Play On concept as well. With Play On I want to create a bigger picture than only DJing. I want everything I do to be part of Play On style. My social media, productions, fashion, designs, parties … but I’ll reveal more about that soon.”

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