After warming up with basic spins and leg splays, I strapped on my 7 inch white patent leather platforms and placed an iPhone 7 Plus on the uneven laminate wood flooring. Gliding towards Flight Fitness Studio’s speaker system, I pressed play on the haggard iPod. “Got that type of money make a stripper cut a backwards flip. Poof, gone in thin air like a magic trick.” Catchy, yet impractical. Pole athlete Becca Buck is one of few dancers famous for her backwards flip. Juicy J can’t fool me!

Safe in Sound was my fourth Borgore concert under my belt but the first time I experienced the beauty of “Magic Trick.” His high-energy, risque visual sets are always a treat. I’d like to say I’m obsessed with streaming the track nonstop, but the recorded version is just plain underwhelming. Former Three Six Mafia member Juicy J’s partnership with Borgore streamlines his distinguishable sound by sugar-coating it for the masses. “Magic Trick” has metronomic vibrations that are perfectly in sync, with aerial moves making it prime Magic City material. The dramatic drops are compelling heel-clack opportunities that continuously engage the audience.

Play “Magic Trick” below: