Dim Mak has just released Eliminate’s newest track “Goodbye” and damnnnn, it’s good! Eliminate is not of this world, heck, not of this galaxy. “Goodbye” is setting up the future of dance and electronic music with this track. “Goodbye” sounds like space monsters crawling into our world through our speakers, terrorizing our eardrums with irresistible bass music.

Everything about this track is futuristic and ahead of its time, while at the same time giving us a sense of history by bringing back some classic bass sounds. It’s not even letting you have the choice of interpreting when the drop will come, it straight out tells you when the drop is coming, and you’re going to have to like it. There is a strong sense of dubstep in how the synth waves vibe with the bass, yet “Goodbye” brings you back with its electronic roots.

This song is just thick and sexy, no other words can describe it better. Experience “Goodbye” below:

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