Parisian producer Zimmer has just released his new EP Ceremony which unveils his more melancholic, darker side to the world. “Lost Your Mind” is a heartrendingly gorgeous piece of music that speaks directly, even irresistibly, to your most hidden self.

Fhin’s vocals are crooning, his lyrics chilling: “You’re so faded, fucking everything, about last night… the game is over, block the roots, cross the line. Where are your friends? Where’s the girl? When do you need
flashing lights? It’s everything you see.”
This song swims through you, leaving the copper taste of heartbreak on your tongue.

Inspired by Zimmer’s personal experiences, multiple trips around the world and driven by the desire to pay tribute to his astrophysicist father, the artist delves deep into a broad spectrum of sounds. His sonic soundscape ranges from between dreamy downtempo to straight up dance floor house, and this track stands out as a perfect flirtation between his celestial French electronic sound and classic crooning indie, with a little bit of house beneath it all. It’s simply magnetic.

Ceremony is available now on Roche Musique. Experience “Lost Your Mind” below:

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