It was James Lillo’s wish to see DJ Eric Prydz perform one more time. Lillo was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Prydz got ahold of Lillo and agreed to throw a show for the fan. Sadly, James Lillo passed away before the show’s date.

Eric Prydz decided that the show will go on and be turned into a fundraiser where the proceeds will go to the Cancer Research Insititue. Prydz commented: “His battle and story have affected me deeply,” Prydz said. “Now more than ever I wish to play this event to raise money for his charity and honor his memory.”

Prydz played two sold-out nights and managed to raise over $60,000 for the Cancer Research Institute. The Swedish DJ played four new unreleased tracks in a tribute to Lillo, which the fans have named after him, such as “Lillo ID.1” and “Lillo ID.2.”

“Lillo ID1″

“Lillo ID2”

“Lillo ID3”

“Lillo ID4”

Ecstatic about the news, Prydz shared the news on Twitter, writing:

“Thanks to all who bought tickets & donated for James. We raised $60K+ for Cancer Research Institute. I think we have all made a difference.”

You can donate to the Cancer Research institute here.

(Dancing Astronaut)