Gerry Gonza’s double track EP Freak the Core is a glittering example of bass-rolling house music at it’s finest. Coupled with the grimy stylings of B.O.B., this EP is simply hypnotic.

Gerardo Arellano, aka Gerry Gonza, has been a musical mastermind since age 10. Learning to read, write, and play classical percussion in grade school gave him an upper hand in dance music composition, and he began DJing gigs not long after. By 18, he was playing a 2,000 cap club in Mexico. At age 20, he joined up with longtime friend Tony Edit to form Thee Cool Cats. After 3 years and many great shows including Ministry of Sound London, Sankeys Ibiza, BPM Festival, and EDC Vegas, he decided it was time to take on a new project.

Already receiving support from the likes of Malaa, AC slater, Shiba San, Low Steppa, and A-Trak, Gonza has been hitting the dance music scene hard in 2016. Gonza brings to the turning table a mixture of driving basslines and melodic synths, which pair up crunchy and dirty with the beats of B.O.B.. Gonza takes the elements of dance music that he loves most and throws them all together, regardless of genre. What we are left with is a heavy, sublime soup of dance-floor-ready bass madness.

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