From mumble rappers to auto-tune, people really like to complain about the current state of hip-hop. However, if there is one project that all hip-hop-heads can agree on, it would be Run The Jewels. Comprised of two already well-established underground rappers, El-P and Killer Mike, Run The Jewels took the scene by storm back in 2013, and haven’t slowed down since.

Run The Jewels continues to impress with this album, dropping it weeks ahead of schedule and releasing it for free.

Similar to their previous projects, there is no fat to trim off RTJ3, just witty bars on dirty beats. What more could you ask for? El-P’s production keeps evolving into some of the raunchiest, craziest, and fresh sounding hip-hop beats I’ve heard, and both him and Killer Mike spit mercilessly throughout the 14-track album (the longest of the three).

El-P and Killer Mike have not much else to prove. Each Run The Jewels album has been better than the next, this one being no different. No one knows yet if this is going to be the final segment of their Run the Jewels project, but considering it’s been more successful than either of their solo careers, I would be surprised if they didn’t hit us with RTJ4 next year.

You can download RTJ3, along with their previous projects, all for free, at You can also stream it right here: