Earlier this month, The Chainsmokers previewed a brand new single via Snapchat.

Once more footage was revealed, rumors sprang up that Selena Gomez was featured in the forthcoming track, dubbed “Paris.” But, an August tweet from the duo revealed that it may be someone completely unexpected.

Looking back, The Chainsmokers tagged an artist named Louane in a tweet, saying that they “can’t wait to wrap this up.” Louane is a former contestant of the French edition of “The Voice,” which is pretty fitting considering the track’s name. Many fans think that it’s a match, and rumors have been circulating like crazy. Earlier today, The Chainsmokers took to Twitter to address these rumors.

It’s not clear which rumors they’re referring to, but check out Louane’s performances from “The Voice” below and let us know if you think it’s a match.

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