Wear your earplugs! No one is immune, not even the DJ. Daley Padley, aka Hot Since 82, recently took to Twitter to post about his tinnitus. 


Using ear plugs does prevent hearing loss. Dr. Wilko Grolman, of the University Medical Center Utrecht, conducted a test to look into hearing protection in loud music venues. The test included 51 people who attended an outdoor music festival in Amsterdam. 25 of the festival goers were assigned to wear ear plugs, while the remaining 26 didn’t wear any. All 51 then headed to the festival where they listened to music for approximately 4.5 hours. During the festival, the researchers set up audio instruments to monitor sound levels and to measure temporary threshold shift, or TTS, a measure of the change in decibel level at which you are able to hear, in the participants after the concert ended.

As reported on via Medical Daily, “the researchers calculated sound pressure levels experienced by the participants was 100 dBA when averaged out over the length of the festival. They also discovered 8 percent in the earplug group experienced a TTS compared to 42 percent in the unprotected group. Also, a lower percentage of earplug wearers complained of tinnitus 12 percent vs 40 percent among the unprotected concert goers).”

Again, please, please, wear your earplugs! Here is a link for a brand of earplugs – the Etymotic Research ER20 ETY Plugs Hearing Protection Earplugs. You can hardly tell you’re wearing them.