Well here’s something that you don’t hear very often …Falls Festival in Lorne, Australia took place on Dec. 28th through the 31st and it turned out a little different than expected.

As people were running from DMA’s set at the Grand Theatre Tent to the Valley Stage where DJ London Grammar was performing, a few people got a little too excited, tripped and ended up landing on a bunch of people. From what was reported, more than 60 people were hurt and 19 were hospitalized.

The stampede is being blamed for unstable ground and congestion at exits, as Pitchfork reports. The injuries included leg fractures as a well as few pelvic fractures, aside from the regular cuts and bruises you get after being trampled over! Thankfully the organizers of the festival took this seriously and decided to widen the tent entrances and create more entrance points. We’re hoping that more and more festival/raves take this into consideration, as this incident can happen again and again!