Ginormous iridescent leaves backdrop the jam packed Beats Per Minute nightclub in Telangana, India during Ukrainian Teri Miko’s opening set for Dutch Dyro. After mesmerizing him with her audacious performance of “Fukuyo,” Dyro offered Miko a spot on his record label WOLV. Miko’s thrown down, like Bobby Flay, with Slander and Marshmello. She’s capitalized on her turntablist roots winning Vestax’s scratch competition judged by the seasoned DJ Kraze.

Miko immaculately blends traditional Bollywood instrumentals such as the sitar, tabla, tambura and bansuri with dubstep sub-bass, formulating a glitch effect in “Fukuyo.” To heighten the song’s climax, she uses one heavy-hitting drum sample and slowly, increases it’s repetition amongst a wondrous sea of wub.

You can purchase “Fukuyo” here, and stream below:

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