Ever been curious about how Korn would sound blended into deadmau5? A-Trak has an answer for you in his 74-minute mix. Featuring tracks by Kanye West, Oliver, Justin Timberlake, Chrome Sparks, Deftones, and more, “Cut It Out!” racks up a grand total of 53 tracks. That’s a positively rattling start to 2017.

The mix plays like a mini-tour of the DJ mastermind’s record collection. Underrated remixes mesh into bonafide hits, while a sublime handful of mash-ups creep up in between (Nine Inch Nails and Danny Brown, anyone?). We bet you weren’t expecting to hear Paul Simon and Promnite in the same mix today, but we’re sure you’ll be just as pleased as we were.

A-Trak‘s adoration for remixes is also displayed on the LP, In the Loop: Decades of Remixes, which was released on his Fool’s Gold label last November.

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