Jadū Dala, an Epicure Artist Collective sub-label, has a knack for releasing some of the most unique tracks we have ever experienced. Their latest artist to charm our ears is Cozway with his experimental trap number “Windbreaker,” out now.

Cozway maintains an element of mystery, so finding any information on him was a bit of a quest. This insane track has been supported by Louis The Child and we do know (from creeping his FB) that his favorite artists are What So Not, Flume, and Pink Floyd. Otherwise, Cozway lets his music speak for itself.

“Windbreaker” begins as an airy, exotic piece building to an infectious drum-kick rhythm. The drop hits you upside the head, completely unexpected in execution but rolling and exact. Cozway is masterful in his precision. This trap number gets under your skin and into your blood. 10/10.

Experience “Windbreaker” below:

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