1. Kill The Noise and Bro Safari’s Indie Side Project, Minus Music

It’s absolutely no secret that Bro Safari and Kill The Noise are two of the most recognizable names in the industry when synth-heavy and festival-friendly records come to mind. Dedicated fans will know that Bro Safari got his start as a drum and bass producer, but few are aware that he actually spent a decent amount of time on an alt-indie side project, Minus Music. The group, which was originally an experimental outlet for Bro and Kill The Noise, eventually evolved into a an exclusive Bro Safari collaboration with vocalist MK. Nicholas Weiller, aka Bro Safari, has said that the project took “three to four years to totally come to fruition,” but I’ll say that it’s entirely under-appreciated by most. As much as I love a good moombah or trap tune, I have shamelessly rinsed Minus Music’s discography at least three times as much as I’ve listened to original Bro Safari material (and that’s not to say I don’t love that either). Although Minus Music may never see the light of day again, it’s an enjoyable reminder of the diversified talent that Weiller’s capable of exhibiting.

2. Alison Wonderland’s Glitchy Alias, Whyte Fang

While Whyte Fang is more of an alias than a side-project, it’s a pure reminder of how far a seemingly-overnight sensation has actually come. Alex Sholler, aka Alison Wonderland, is one of trap’s leading female artists, but she gets a lot of backlash for the same reason. Whyte Fang features the same emotionally driven vocals that we’ve all come to know and love, but with a unique synth-pop vibe that provides another level of authenticity to her successful career.

3. TroyBoi’s SoundSnobz with icekream

TroyBoi has a sound that’s all too recognizable. Bouncy 808s combined with minimalistic one-shot melodies have made him a force to be reckoned with. A similar-sounding artist goes by the name icekream, who is basically TroyBoi’s long-lost musical twin. The Londonites teamed up for SoundSnobz, which is simply a further expansion of their trademark sounds. The musical stylings of both artists are kept in-tact, but with a additional level of creativity. The project has been around for a few years, but I’m still creeped out at how well the two work together.

4. Feed Me’s Drum and Bass Alter-Ego, Spor

While Spor is not exactly a secret, the man behind it might be. London’s Feed Me is known for his driving basslines and heavy drums, so it only makes sense for him to put those talents to use in another genre that allows them to shine. Jon Gooch, the man behind these projects, knows exactly how and when to let the different elements of his production shine. While Feed Me is perfect for listeners with interests stemming from dubstep, metal, and house genres, Spor, who has also had his fair share of festival and club appearances, is a fine-tuned artist for drum and bass aficionados.

5. Kill The Noise and Feed Me’s Snort & Leisure

Apparently Kill The Noise and Feed Me have twice as many hours in the day as the rest of us (or just know how to use them better). Just beginning to hint at the project in 2016, Snort & Leisure has amassed a ton of anticipation with just one release, which was ironically a remix of Kill The Noise’s “Do More Coke. They dropped a Snort & Leisure t-shirt and hinted at a tour via Twitter, and while I wouldn’t drop $50 on a Soccer-esque (?) t-shirt, I would definitely drop more than that to see a Snort & Leisure performance.

Honorable Mention:

Virtual Riot x Barely Alive x Dubloadz as Chodegang

This one is brand new, but it’s definitely worth a mention. I wish I hated this. Chodegang is bringing riddim back and will be making their debut performance at Webster Hall in New York City tonight, January 6th, so it’s definitely a must-attend. Grab tickets here.