Well-known Canadian duo Adventure Club (Christian Srigley and Leighton James) recently released their highly-anticipated 12-track record. The two have packed houses and sold out tours; their electric show has hit stages at Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, EDC, Ultra Music Festival and many more.

The brand new album, dubbed Red//Blue, opens with the high energy track “Without You” (Adventure Club & Hunter Siegel). From the fast-paced breakdowns, the album leads into “Dreams” ft ELEA, whose mystical vocals drift softly over slow beats and piano keys. Of course, it makes perfect sense to follow such a beautiful piece with the duo’s single “Firestorm” ft. Sara Diamond. “Firestorm” has already over a million views on YouTube after its early release last month. “Limitless” ft Delaney Jane has over 2.2 million plays on SoundCloud alone, and “Fade” ft Zak Waters has over 5 million plays.

To celebrate the release of their debut album, Adventure Club also hosted a ton of giveaways, including a massive contest where you could win an all-expenses-paid trip to spend New Years Eve with the two in Seattle.

When asked why the album was titled Red//Blue, the duo stated:

“There’s always been a pretty strong dichotomy of bangers and more emotional moments during our live shows,” said Christian. “In the studio, we started playing off that back-and-forth between the fiery, energetic material, Red, and the soothing and calming, Blue. Rather than choosing one of the other, you feel that pull in both directions.”

Leighton agreed with Christian’s statement adding, “We wanted to showcase our musical abilities in crafting songs you can listen to at night before going to bed, as well as songs you can listen to before you go out and rage.”

And guess what? The boys have put the entire album up on SoundCloud for fans to listen to. Don’t forget, you can purchase the whole thing on iTunes, Google Music, and other outlets as well. But hey, check it out below:

I was able to get Leighton James on the phone for a quick Q&A regarding his life before Adventure Club, why him and Christian live a sober lifestyle, the charities they give back to, and their favorite festival. Read on to hear some of the two’s most intimate details, plus, hear about exclusive giveaways, a chance to get on guest-list, and a secret announcement about festival appearances.

Hey, good afternoon! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. So, how did you two meet?

Okay. So, I think it was grade 10, back in 2004 maybe? I was really, really, really keen on starting a hard-core band. At the time, the Warped Tour scene was really popular and super relevant. I didn’t really have any friends in high school that could play guitar or drums. Craigslist wasn’t a thing back then, so I had a friend from a different high school put out an ad, and Christian was the first guy to answer it. Christian answered the ad… and showed up with a guitar and guitar amp in one hand, a steak casserole in the other hand. Our first couple of hangouts or first couple of music writing sessions, we didn’t really say a word to each other. We’re both kind of shy, or at least back then we were kind of shy when we were meeting new people, so we just kind of like mumbled to each other like different riffs we wanted each other to play and I think after 2 months we started getting comfortable with each other. I think now we’re as close as two friends can be. We went out one night, to a bar, had a drink, and then that turned into a couple drinks and by the end of it we realized, we had that like…you know there’s that one scene in Step Brother’s where they realize they have literally everything in common?


Yeah, we had that exact moment, and from that point on we were best friends.

Did you always want to pursue music as a career, or did that just kind of come out of nowhere for you?

Oh yeah, I mean, I was always, ever since I was young, ever since both of us were young, into music; I was put in front of a piano since like, the tender age of 6 or 7. I finished doing piano studies by the time I was 12. Christian started playing guitar when he was 7. He used to just play improv nights at a Blues bar. For the both of us, music has been a really, really big part of our lives. We’ve obviously wavered in and out between the traditional going to school, getting a degree, that path. I think we did a good job of balancing both to keep our parents happy, and to keep us, as creative individuals happy.

Yeah, it’s a hard balance. You mentioned that you guys went out to a bar one night, and that’s when you kind of clicked, and became best friends, but I’ve heard that you guys are a sober team?

Yeah, we’re completely, completely sober now. It’s been almost a year.

So what sparked that?

I mean, originally before touring, Christian and I were straight edge. I was completely straight edge and I was going to school. He was straight edge. Christian was a bit more of a gym rat than I was. But we just didn’t really like going out partying. My studies were number one. And then I think we started touring, and we had a drink one night, and were like this is fun, and we had some friends with us and they were drinking, and at one point we started drinking. You become susceptible to that kind of stuff. And about like 3 or 4 years of touring you know you’re drinking like, I wanna say, a bottle every show. And to you that’s normal, to you like a bottle a night is normal 5 nights a week. But when you remove yourself from that scenario, you’re an alcoholic. Like anyone else is like, they’re going crazy, but they’re only going crazy Friday and Saturday nights. And they’re probably not downing a bottle or two of Jaeger.

Do you tour with a lot of artists who are sober?

We haven’t had a strictly dry tour per say, but our last tour with Snails was pretty dry. Again, it doesn’t affect us. We were never really addicted to anything; it’s just its always in front of you, so readily available. We both just – It was a lot of will power and a lot of mental flexing that we had to do. But we both stopped cold turkey.

Okay. So, if you don’t have alcohol on your rider, what would I think to see on your rider? Do you guys have a lot of candy?

Our rider is so, so boring now. But yeah, we got an energy drink, a fruit and veggie platter, grilled chicken, and pre-workout. Christian collects Magic Gathering cards, yeah so he collects those, he gets a couple packs of those a night. And then I – so truthfully there is still alcohol on the rider. We don’t drink it, but I am a big collector of red wine. I have a cellar at my house. I don’t drink it but I love having it just to look at. Sometimes I open up a bottle and smell it. I have these—I have like a bottle of a specific kind of red wine that I might only be able to get at a certain show on my rider.

So when you’re playing at a club show versus a festival, what is the difference in how you get ready? How do you prepare?

Our club show is catered with more songs that our audience would know. If it’s a festival we kind of try to cater to the festival itself, and what our fans would like. We want to bring attention to the stage. If it’s a main stage, it might be a little different then if we get to play a bass stage full of grime.

The album RED//BLUE is a lot different then your other albums. It’s very mellow, with beautiful vocals, what drew you two in this direction?

Christian and I were always songwriters first and foremost. We like having singers and songwriters come to us and we’ll write. Christian will be on guitar and I’ll be on piano and we’ll write lyrics. Half of the album is a little more aggressive which is the “RED” and the other half is more somber, indie driven, which pertains to the “BLUE”.

When you came together on this album you collaborated with a lot of other artists. What is the biggest conflict when working with other artists, and what is the best thing when it comes to writing with other artists?

Yeah, we worked with a lot of people. The territory gets revealed when you work with other artists, there’s always something that [they] bring to the table and there’s always something that you, as an artist, bring to the table. It’s always a learning experience, whether you are working with a singer or songwriter, or with another producer. You might learn a cool little trick, and see the writing process from another point of view. I think that’s what helped ‘RED//BLUE’ along.

RED//BLUE is already receiving tons of positive feedback. What has been your favorite part of creating this album?

It was honestly the anticipation to show all of our fans our album. Finally being able to set up a release day was great. None of the vocals were sent to us, we sat down individually in the studio and everyone wrote it together. It was really nice.

RED//BLUE is already topping the charts, what do you think makes this so successful?

Just the support from our amazing fan base.

Will we be seeing more tour dates after the release of RED//BLUE?

Oh yeah, we’re drowning in tour dates!

Can you reveal anything to us about where we can expect to see you?

I can’t tell you anything that hasn’t been announced, but we are going to be doing the Made in Canada tour and you can probably expect to see us on the normal festival circuit. We’ll be touring throughout Canada, the States, Asia, Australia, Europe…

Wow, sounds busy! Do you have a festival that you have played that really stands out for you? Somewhere you would like to go back?

For me particularly, Coachella was fun. Just because it wasn’t solely electronic, it has a ton of different tastes. Our album now would do well with the Coachella crowd. Nothing is confirmed, but it would be fun to play Coachella again.

Wow! We love Coachella here as well, always a fun time. So, besides shows, it looks like you guys have a ton of giveaways. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

Yeah of course! We always team up with Electric Family. With them, we are doing an all exclusive giveaway for fans to come and hang out with us on New Year’s Eve in Seattle. We are also giving away 5 custom Bomber-Jackets that aren’t being made anywhere else. We have guest-list giveaways, gift card giveaways, tons of cool little things.

With Electric Family, you guys are doing more than just a giveaway. You work with them for a charity called “FUCK CANCER,” right?

Electric Family has a great relationship with us, we have raised upwards of $50,000 for Fuck Cancer, just with the bracelet sales.

Wow, that’s amazing. It’s really inspiring. You two are pretty heavily involved within your own communities as well, can you tell me about that?

Yeah, we have done food drives in LA, food shelters in Montreal, both of us have done Make a Wish, and also the Breast Cancer charity.

It’s really great to see all of that. It’s truly inspiring. What advice would you give to your fans, or aspiring producers?

I would say to just be a nice person. Build good relationships, and always watch what you say online. Everyone online is your friend. Just be a nice person.

You and Christian definitely are great role models.

Hah, we try our best to just be clean, homegrown Canadian boys. We’ve all made questionable decisions in the past, but we do our best.

 Well, I think that’s all the time we have, unless you have anything else to add.

I Just want to say thank you and give a shout out to anyone who has listened to the album, shared the album, pirated the album. It means a lot to us that you have all been so dedicated. Thanks so much!

Catch Adventure Club on tour:
1/12/2017 – Dragonfly, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
1/28/2017 –  Saskatoon Event Centre, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
2/03/2017 –  Marquee Beer Market and Stage, Calgary, AB, Canada
3/11/2017 –  House of Blues – Anaheim GardenWalk, Anaheim, CA, US

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