Everyone loves a throwback to the ’90s.

German singer Ace Tee brings back vivid memories of the smooth R&B that used to top the charts, from the radio to MTV. The R&B sound is nostalgic for anyone who appreciated ’90s music and the modern day Internet is just loving it. Twitter user, @hernameisrachu, bestows the new artist as “the new TLC.

What a compliment.

Ace Tee’s debut music video for her newest track, “Bist du down?” translating to “Are you down?” brings back ’90s sounds, as well as ’90s fashion. Despite the language barrier, Tee’s dance moves, along with the videography and her soulful vocals, take us back through time and make anyone want to jam out like they once did to “No Scrubs.”


For more of Ace Tee’s music, check out her SoundCloud.

(The Fader)