The lineup for President-Elect Trump’s inauguration was recently announced and, quite unsurprisingly, it left Americans unimpressed. 

Confirmed for Trump’s inauguration are singer Jackie Evancho (who was featured on America’s Got Talent), The Rockettes (some of them), the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (some of them), and the Missouri State University Chorale. This is a startling contrast from Barack Obama’s inaugural events, which featured timeless artists like Aretha Franklin and Beyoncé.

Moby, who is quite unspoken about his beliefs on controversial issues, such as the election of Donald Trump, just revealed that he was confronted about performing at Trump’s inauguration. “Hahahahaha, wait, Hahahaha, really?” reads his Instagram caption, adding that he would only DJ an inaugural event for Trump if he released his tax returns.

Props to Moby for speaking publicly about his refusal to perform for Trump. Hopefully other artists will stop worrying about their image and do the same.