Yesterday evening, Your EDM posted a piece in regards to Malcolm Anthony stating that he has quit K Theory, and also stating that he himself was a founder of the group’s instrumental sound from 2013 until present. As per his statement and article: “I created the K Theory sound from 2013 until now.”

We thought we’d check in with K Theory‘s Dylan Lewman and further validate this with K Theory’s music distribution company, Symphonic Distribution, to get a statement and see what the deal is.

According to Dylan, Malcolm didn’t quit but instead was let go due to differences between the group. Malcolm may be emotionally reacting or retaliating to the news of him no longer being apart of K Theory. Malcolm most likely involved sites like Your EDM and various press outlets when he became aware that he could not take his catalogue because the songs are contractually obligated to stay with New Trinity Music Group, which is also owned by Dylan Lewman. Dylan also confirms Malcolm is not owed any money from K Theory Music LLC & is in breach of his recording contract with New Trinity Music Group.

“The lies are really sickening because I considered him my brother,” Lewman states.

There was another claim in the Your EDM piece from Malcolm in regards to the music being produced and purchased off”Dustin & I are 10+ year producers & have taught at production schools such as icon, pyramind, skill share, & are sponsored by propellerhead,” states Lewman. He also included a link to a production class that he and co-member Dustin Musser once led.

We checked in with Symphonic to see if they could back this up, seeing as they have had extensive experience in distributing K Theory’s catalog.

A spokesperson for Symphonic stated that:

“Throughout the years that we have worked with K Theory in distributing their record label(s), we haven’t seen any evidence to suggest that their material wasn’t original and/or that it came from beat selling or leasing websites. Usually we can see these things via ownership conflicts via YouTube and Soundcloud monetization but we have no evidence to support the allegations at this time, even with the alleged evidence shown on the Your EDM piece.” 

It seems that there are always two sides to every story and we hope that all individuals involved can move forward without further conflict. K Theory has plans to release new music via Symphonic Distribution in Spring 2017.