NYC duo Lick Twist is changing the game for electro/indie music one release at a time. Their new single “High Bun” follows their previous original “Love Better,” which amassed over 85,000 streams in just two weeks time.

Jed Klebanow and Daniel Oron came together about 11 years ago to make music, which might prove why their tunes sound so effortless. Now both 21 years old, the duo pursues music as a full-time gig. In addition to producing, Klebanow and Oron also write all of their own lyrics. 

High Bun is a collaboration with R&B artist Julius Jones, which resulted in a soulful indie-pop tune that could very well be just as successful as “Love Better.” Jones smooth vocals ride over an acoustically driven melody, which might make you stop and take a second listen to the addictive track.

“We’re pumped to finally be releasing high bun. We’ve been sitting on it for a few months and it’s a great feeling to be able to finally share it with our fans. It’s a song we enjoyed working on, and still to this day love listening to. Truly nothing but positive, peaceful vibes.

Grab the free download of High Bun here and look out for more from Lick Twist in the coming year.

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