On January 1st, a YouTube account by the name of 4162016211411 uploaded a video titled “ALIVE 2017.” Though it took over a week for Daft Punk fans to notice, the video is currently receiving tremendous attention. The clip opens with the unmistakable Daft Punk vocoder singing the word “Alive,” and teases a glowing neon image of the historic stage from the duo’s 2007 tour. In the description of the video is a series of eight digit numbers, of which commenters have deciphered as tour date locations. Daft Punk is known for being mysterious, but in the age of virality and fake news, what could this actually mean?

Edit: The original video has since been taken down, but has been re-uploaded by YouTube channel “On Music.”

Possibility One: This video is a bunch of malarkey.

For anyone with experience in digital arts, animation, and audio production, it would make perfect sense to create a fake Daft Punk tour teaser. The video itself is monetized, meaning that the creator is earning revenue from advertisements run on the video. A Daft Punk live return is among the bucket lists of many, so as the video circulates and speculation ensues, the creator of the video is making more and more money.

Additionally, the stage portrayed in the video is the exact same layout from the 2007 tour. While this wouldn’t be an issue for most concertgoers, Daft Punk never does the same thing twice. Each album they put out is astoundingly different from their last, and the french robots have established themselves as constant innovators, begging the question: Why would they use the same setup from a decade ago?

This isn’t the first time a Daft Punk tour has been rumoured, either. Rumors of Daft Punk Coachella appearances circulate annually, and during October a vague website called http://alive2017.com/ suggested an announcement on 10/27/2016. This announcement never happened, and NME deemed this to be the “Greatest Daft Punk hoax yet.”


Possibility Two: Daft Punk intended for this to happen, and is actually going to tour this year.

For the past ten years, fans have been speculating about the live return of Daft Punk. After a tour in 1997, the duo spent ten years reinventing themselves and then toured again in 2007. With the release of 2013’s Random Access Memories, the robots revamped their style yet again and were boosted to even higher mainstream success, leading fans to think it’s inevitable that they return.

While it’s totally possible that this could be another money making hoax, what’s wrong with a little excitement?