It’s hard to be a female in a male-dominated field, no matter what the case is, but female artists have been making a serious splash in the EDM industry for some time now. When I think of strong female artists, I think of artists such as Krewella or RAE.

DJ Rae

For those of you who have been under a rock, RAE is an extremely talented singer/songwriter/producer/remixer (she does it all) whose signature house sounds have emerged from the busy streets of London. Her first track was released back in 2008, and her following has continued to grow like wildfire ever since. Her first hit “Take Me Away” with DJ SKT took the house world by storm last summer, earning praise from Pete Tong, Annie Mac and MK. The track was released on Azuli before it went on to major release with Atlantic records, hitting the top 20 official UK charts.

RAE isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Her previous work with DnB artist Adam F and fellow UK producer Kokiri has created quite an uproar. “Harmony” was her first release on Danny Howard’s label, Nothing Else Matters/Sony, which was released in July. The track has had multiple remixes since its release, and you can even find the acoustic version on Adam F’s SoundCloud.

The rising star has a ton going for her, based between London and Ibiza, yet she remains as an extremely down-to-earth person that any girl can relate to. She is also extremely humble. We caught up with RAE to discuss her life, and where we might see her next. 

Can you tell us about your childhood? Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in the West Midlands, my parents lived on the edge near Staffordshire so I was lucky, we had some great countryside around. It was a nice childhood but I had my dream so I knew I wouldn’t be there long, from an early age I was in dance and drama school, plays and choir, I knew I had to get to London.

At what age did you start playing around with singing and music? How long have you been creating house music? 

I remember taking my dad’s records to my room and playing The Supremes full blast. I  learned all of the harmonies when I was about 7 years old, Around the same time I learned piano, violin and flute. Later I started to listen to my brothers tapes from raves and house DJs, there wasn’t much vocal so I used to write and sing over the top, that was the start I guess.

Back in 2008 you collaborated with Kings of Tomorrow on “Can’t Stop,” which was extremely successful. Would you consider this your “break” into the scene? 

Yes, it was the first thing that connected and brought the opportunity and platform for me to work up from. I was Djing and I had a lot of songs, I needed some nurturing but my ambition was crazy.

You’re about to release a track on Get Twisted. Can you tell us about the creative process you took on this one? 

I wrote the song a good while ago, did some different mixes of it and left it for a bit, Mandal & Forbes loved it and got a good vibe on it so I went up to Liverpool and we got together and nailed it.

How do you get ready for shows and festivals? 

A good night’s sleep and a day in the studio cranking tunes and doing edits if time allows.

You are currently situated in the hub of house music in London, correct? Do you have a favorite venue to play out there? 

I love playing Egg and Ministry, heavy sound systems, they are the favourites. But I’m always up for a smaller party too, intimate crowds can be special. 

What is your favorite city that you have ever performed in? 

I love playing Ibiza, since my first time at Pacha in 2009, but there is something special about playing your home city, London. It makes me feel proud, my memories as a clubber and a music lover.

What do you do when you are not on the road? 

Make music, write, go to my local, eat at nice restaurants, try to escape to the countryside or the sea when I can.

What items are “must-haves” for you on your rider? 

Water & champagne. Fairly straight forward but not too easily pleased…;)

As a female in a male-dominated field, have you noticed any difficulties or perks? 

It’s hard to prove yourself, and that doesn’t really stop. But you do what you do and you don’t stop, despite any knock backs or hurdles. There are advantages but ultimately you have to work hard.

Do you have any advice to other women who want to follow in your steps? 

Believe in yourself and not the hype, have a very thick skin.

What do we have to look forward from you in 2017?

More solo productions, collaborations, my new project unveiling, and I hope a few surprises, some things I’ve never done before…

Check out RAE’s new single, “That Feeling,” with Mandal & Forbes below:

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