Former Black Eyed Peas vocalist Fergie released a five-track remix EP of her Nov. 2016 single “Life Goes on” last Friday. The following producers made the cut: KLYMVX, NOTD, SMLE, Monsieur Adi and Willem. Miami local SMLE’s radio ready, chillstep adaptation adds flair to the original hit. SMLE consists of two classically trained jazz musicians that accumulated 300,000 SoundCloud streams of an Owl City “Fireflies” remix within their first three months of existence.

Stacy Ann Ferguson (Fergie) isn’t a stranger to spotting talent; Ferguson recruited future bass artist Slushii for a reproduction of her song “M.I.L.F. $” before he blew the fuck up. Fergie’s claim to fame may still be her lovely lady lumps, but the real question is will a DJ’s touch make The Dutchess’ 2017 electric?

Experience SMLE’s remix of “Life Goes On” below:

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