Yesterday, we reported tragic news that a shooting took place in Playa del Carmen, Mexico at The BPM Festival, which left five attendees dead and more than 10 injured. The gunman managed to flee, but not before taking the lives of innocent club-goers. 

Today, it has been reported that the annual festival has been canceled by local officials.

“At this moment, our general stance is not to allow BPM to perform here. It is a decision that we have to make together; we have to analyze the type of destination that we want to have, what kind of events we want to…promote and, above all, what that event entails, what the regulatory framework will be for these kinds of events.” -Cristina Torres Gómez, the Municipal President of the Business Coordinating Council

Maria Helena Mata Pineda, President of the Business Coordinating Council in the Riviera Maya also commented, “We’re asking for these kinds of events to go away. Don’t let in anymore. We don’t want BPM here anymore, or any other similar event. We don’t want it and we thank the authorities who are listening.”

Apparently, the decision to indefinitely cancel The BPM Festival is not related to any kind of drug violence, but for the reasoning that local businesses will prosper without it. 

“We want to generate jobs in a healthy environment, that healthy tourists come and leave here their currency in an atmosphere of warmth and health in which families and we can live in peace.”

A partial list of the individuals who are injured can be found here. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this terrible tragedy.