As more news unfolds about the recent tragedy at The BPM Festival, attendees and artists have started to come forward with first-hand accounts of the events that took place last week in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

One festivalgoer in particular, Steve Rwayitare, has come forward with a particularly saddening and shocking first hand account of what happened.

Okay so here comes a wild story about how I danced past bullets. Strap yourselves in cause it’s a doozy. 

Rwayitare goes on to describe the events that took place in full detail, along with the information that there was not one gunman, as many have reported, but five.

Slowly the lights come on and that is when I realize everyone around me is ducking and no one but me is laughing and slowly recognition starts to set in, very slowly though.

This story is particularly painful to read, but it is one that will give you a better insight into the horrors that took place at BPM. You can read Rwayitare’s full account here.