ULTRA has announced that ULTRA Brasil will be back in 2017 for three days instead of two. Following their sold old debut in October of 2016, ULTRA Brasil will return to Rio de Janeiro in the fall of 2017.

This year’s event will, once again, take place in Rio de Janeiro’s Sambódromo, the same venue that houses the annual Rio Carnival. Because of last year’s astonishing success, ULTRA has made plans to increase the size and capacity of the venue, as well as improve the layout. Additionally, the three stages of ULTRA Brasil will receive upgrades in both design and production, resulting in a bigger and better experience for attendees.

The ULTRA and ULTRA Worldwide brands represent the most international festival brand in the world. Their expansion of ULTRA Brasil is just one example of the ULTRA and ULTRA WORLDWIDE brands’ attempt to push the boundaries of electronic music festivals even further. In 2016 alone, ULTRA WORLDWIDE produced twenty-six events in seventeen different countries, spanning five different continents. In fact, ULTRA Brasil will signify ULTRA’s first three-day festival on the South American continent.

ULTRA Brasil will be implementing a registration process for 2017, which will be required in order to purchase a ticket. Registration will begin on January 23, 2017 on the Ultra Brasil website.

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