TroyBoi steps away from his signature fast-paced, deep trap concoctions with “Hear Dat.” This hella 90’s house jam is destined to become a danceclub phonomenon, spinning at even the most exclusive soirĂ©es. Think Berlin’s Berghain. “You know I got that good good. Come on let me give it to you. You know that you wanna,” the lead vocalist seductively whispers into bystanders’ ears.

The party song’s vivacious, bouncy beat is infectious thanks to the “Woo! Yeah!” drum breaks and synergy between TroyBoi and SoundSnobz buddy icekream. My left foot started involuntarily moving as I was enjoying “Hear Dat” at the Honda car dealership, sipping my Wild Sweet Orange Tazo Tea with an hour and a half to kill.

Go bananas streaming “Hear Dat” below:

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