A new infographic from Superfi – a highly regarded UK HiFi audio company – indicates that many popular artists have more emotions than we may think. Using IBM’s Watson Tone Analyzer, the lyrics of songs by popular artists were analyzed based on calculated amounts of anger, disgust, fear, joy, and sadness.

As some fans might expect, the lyrics of Coldplay’s music heavily revolve around fear, while those from Frank Sinatra are about joy. Nirvana’s lyrics are about disgust and Adele’s lyrics are about sadness, while Ariana Grande’s lyrics aren’t really about any of these. Kanye West, despite being known afors having one of the biggest egos in the business, has lyrics revolving around fear more than any other emotion, which is “not a trait common in highly confident people.” The infographic suggests, perhaps farcically, that he may be fearful of his wife Kim Kardashian, whose tweets are often based on the emotion of anger. Also prominently noted are the levels of joy detected in the lyrics of The Beatles’ music over the course of their career; their most joyous times were during the British invasion era, while their moodiest times were during the Yoko Ono era and during the period surrounding former manager Brian Epstein’s death.

This research was conducted solely through IBM’s Watson Tone Analyzer, part of  “cognitive technology that can think like a human,” according to the product’s website. Though the software was designed for the purpose of making a writer’s tone sound the way they want it to, its formula of work – enter any text, find data on text’s emotional implications – allows for distinct possibilities such as this. Based on a criteria of implied social tendencies, emotions, and writing style, the folks at Superfi entered thousands of song lyrics to calculate what has become an amazing infographic.



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