Talk nerdy to me. As I researched Pegboard Nerds, I came across live footage at The Gathering 2015. The camera is on them revving up the house, and then pans out to the audience – a sea of geeks like my brother, rocking out to the 808. Part of the reason Pegboard Nerds are intriguing is because they garner a Dubstep sound appealing basically to everyone.

Earlier this month, Pegboard Nerds dropped their 6 track, 22 minutes and 19 seconds Nerds By Nature EP. Nordic disc jockeys Alex Odden and Michael Parsberg aren’t your typical twosome; their 2015 record ‘Pink Cloud’ funded breast cancer research and soared to #2 on iTunes Dance Albums. Parsberg is even a multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning producer! Monstercat groomed Pegboard Nerds into the Seven Lions, Unlike Pluto and Grum touring vultures they are today.

Even if you don’t dig video games, these secret Twenty One Pilots admirers make dorky sound delightful. This collection opens with “Speed of Light,” a single that fuses bird chirping, Dido’s Folktronica serenades and a vintage Sega system soundtrack. Baritone ukulele player, Desirée Dawson, exhibits the fine art of synthesized yodeling in “Talk About It.” If Netflix’s Original series Stranger Things or The Addams Family tickles your fancy, you’ll appreciate the spookiness of “BAMF.” Last but not least of honorable mentions is “Blackout,” a shuffling sensation that was most recently enjoyed at the dynamic duo’s New Years appearance during Sunburn Festival in Mumbai, India. Put on sunscreen folks because Pegboard Nerds are on fire, and Noiseporn has an inkling they are coming to a city near you.

Experience Nerds by Nature below:

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