It appears that sarcasm doesn’t always work on the internet. After Porter Robinson tweeted “everything else is unofficial now,” in regards to a SpotifyThis Is: Porter Robinson playlist, numerous websites have reported on this scenario, given the shock and obscurity around an artist deciding to abandon, or even “disown,” their own music. However, across these reports, one piece of information was missing: Porter Robinson was kidding.

This began just after 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 23rd, when Porter tweeted “no disrespect but this is the canon,” a term often used by Star Wars fans to distinguish which pieces are legitimate and which pieces are not a part of the story. “Everything else is unofficial now. I’ve been making music for 12 years and I only wrote 11 songs, wow.” This is most likely not serious, given that Robinson has a discography that includes upwards of 20 official songs and many more remixes and pieces, which are yet to come. Along with the tweet is a screenshot of the Spotify playlist This Is: Porter Robinson, which features 11 songs.

It’s clear that the Worlds creator is expressing his frustrations against the Spotify playlisting team, given that other playlists of the same line are significantly more comprehensive and reach across many eras of their artist’s career. For example, This Is: Drake features 50 songs from all the way back to 2008.

With this being said, it’s still possible that Porter Robinson genuinely doesn’t want to be associated with any of his other music. Maybe he genuinely feels that these 11 songs are the only real songs he’s put out. However, this leaves out significant pieces from his career: tracks like Lionhearted, Polygon Dust, “Years of War” and everything from the complextro era Spitfire EP would be regarded “unofficial” as well.

Maybe we’ll get an explanation soon, but it would be unfair to assume that Porter Robinson is abandoning half of his discography from a tweet which could simply be sarcasm.

Update: in the 16 hours since these tweets were posted, the Spotify This Is: Porter Robinson playlist has been deleted.

(EDIT: Porter Robinson has made a statement disproving our theory. See the update here.)