If you’re like me, beating the January blues is difficult. Luckily, Oliver Heldens’ high energy new track, “I Don’t Wanna Go Home,” is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Heldens has just officially released his newest single, which was previously featured on BBC Radio 1, on Heldeep Records/Spinnin’ Records. “I Don’t Wanna Go Home” is a track that instantly reminds you of the sunrise on day three at any festival. You don’t want to leave, you’re dancing with your friends, you have responsibilities at home, and honestly, you just don’t want to go. Oliver Heldens’ latest track screams “ONE MORE SONG,” and embodies the excitement of the dance floor and party. Its feel-good, soul-soothing mix is enough to make anybody reminisce about good times. And, it’s receiving tons of support from DJs and producers across the board:

“This is dope! Everything Oliver does is sick seriously! I have a feeling this will be a big one!” – The Chainsmokers

Party-goers may have heard this track as early as 2016, but its official release has everyone dancing. “I Don’t Wanna Go Home” opens with a pitched-down male vocal speaking of the daily struggle that everyone can relate to, before building into the catchy refrain for the build and drop. While somewhat “different,” the track still embodies everything “Oliver Heldens,” with big electro-house basslines and breakbeat patterns. Don Diablo was quoted stating, “This is DOPE! Good sound, new, but still recognizable Heldens!”

Heldens has been taking a break from touring, but it looks like quite a short one. Dates have already appeared at Story, Miami (Feb 10), Haven, Atlantic City (Feb 11) and Palladium, LA (Feb 18) to kick off his US appearances in the new year.

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