For the first time in about seven months, Branchez has come out of the woodwork to drop an official remix for the GTA & What So Not collab, “Feel It.” Branchez has always been one of the best artists to go to if you need a top-notch remix. If you’re not very familiar with Branchez, you probably at least recognize his name from his iconic remix of What So Not’s “High You Are” track that came out a few years ago. Branchez is back again to flip another What So Not (& GTA) tune, and it’s turned out awesome.

The first drop surprises you with some deep house vibes that are very reminiscent of one of his biggest original tracks, “Truth.” Without hesitation he seamlessly transitions that into a bassier and crispier version of the original drop that sounds great juxtaposed with the first part of the song. There are so many things going on that, before you know it, the four-minute track is already over, and you’ll find yourself hitting that play button just one more time. The track is very busy, but also put together. 

Hopefully we don’t have to wait another seven months for Branchez to release more music. If you check out his Twitter, it looks like he may be working on a full length LP, so that could explain his absence from the scene for the past half-year.

Stream Branchez’s remix of “Feel It” by What So Not & GTA, featuring Tunji Ige, below: