Stockholm’s BROHUG is looking for a home to call their own. The tumultuous trio is notorious for bouncing around record labels, for instance: Mad Decent’s entity Good Enuff, Confession, Heldeep and Spinnin’. On Friday, Jan. 20, Dim Mak shared BROHUG’s two track tape Giggle Juice EP with anxious adorers. The album is a follow-up to the Swedes’ 2016 release of “Guerilla” and The Marshall EP.

“Droppers” is a foot-tapping fix that practices the “four on the floor” drum beat method seen in disco and electro music. The track’s originality is blatantly apparent at the two minute mark when BROHUG throws some Yamaha keyboard notes up in there gradually slowing down “Droppers” pace, giving clubbers a 60 second breather. The single “Giggle Juice” is the EP’s most complex track meticulously combining bass, jackin’ and future house. Flamboyant cover art brings Giggle Juice together, like an array of unicorns and Teletubbies in an alternate universe, no fucks given BROHUG theme. We love it!

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