A major techno DJ has just made a public announcement that he will refuse to tour in the U.S. this year while “Misogonyst Narcissist Racist” Trump is in office.

Dave Clarke, an internationally acclaimed techno DJ/producer from the U.K., took to his Facebook earlier this week to announce that he will not be renewing his Visa to travel and perform in the U.S. throughout 2017. 

I simply cannot consider coming to the US professionally when there is a Misogonyst Narcissist Racist President in office, and to be fair maybe my work permit would not be renewed due to his “Hire American” policy.

Clarke goes on to say that Trump “takes shapeshifting to an art form” and assures fans that it was a decision based on his intuition, rather than the desire to punish his supporters. He accompanied the statement with a distraught-looking image of The Statue of Liberty. The post has already received over 1,000 reactions, many of which are negative.

What do you think? Clarke is free to act as he pleases, but will this hurt his reputation in the long run? I think yes. Regardless of his political affiliation, he has a massive fanbase in the U.S. that he is essentially disappointing by deciding not to tour. Check out his full statement below and decide for yourself.