Thoreau is back with another throwback remix – listen to his previous “Creep” remix here – as he recently released his interpretation of the angsty-teenage-classic “Misery Business.” Like his last remix, this track provides a completely different feel to the original, conjoining Hayley Williams’ piercing vocals with a well-crafted compilation of sound design.

The song opens with the original vocals layered over a soothing, reverbed piano synth. A classic filter sweep then leads you into rejoicing claps, signifying the beginning of something truly epic. The drop hits, and you’re quickly thrust into a world where all that teenage angst turns into gleeful head-banging. This sudden change of pace continues on to the following verse, as it carries the majority of the percussion line along for the ride. The second drop has a little bit of a surprise, however, as it adds another synth that I’ll leave anonymous for the sake of the listener’s wonder.

Make sure to check out Thoreau, as I’m sure he’ll be releasing something original very soon.


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