Symphonic Distribution, one of the leading digital music distributors in the world, and also the home to Noiseporn, has just announced its expansion into Spain and we couldn’t be any more excited!

Houseplanet Distribution, which has just been acquired by Symphonic, is a distribution company located in Madrid, Spain that was formed in the United Kingdom in 2008. It has been responsible for distributing some of the world’s top house, techno, and minimal labels from nearly 100 countries.

This new acquisition will give Symphonic a footprint in not only the house genre, but also in the European music market. The individuals at the helm of Houseplanet will also be joining Symphonic Distributions’ Sales and Support team, in turn making the brand intercontinental. (This will also extend Symphonic’s already impressive support time by six hours a day to fully maximize customer support!)

President and CEO of Symphonic Distribution, Jorge Brea, is proud of the upcoming acquisition and transition of Houseplanet for Symphonic, stating:

“We’re very excited to bring on board the clients of Houseplanet Distribution into Symphonic. The music produced by the record labels and artists distributed represents some of the best that underground House, Techno, and Minimal has to offer and now, every client will have even more opportunities to succeed with a larger team to provide enhanced customer support, efficient systems, wider reach of partners that will feature their content, and much more. I am further thrilled that with this acquisition, we are adding the team of Houseplanet further expanding the reach of Symphonic as a brand in the European region and in the country of Spain.”

Founder of Houseplanet, Antonio Dominguez, is pleased to join Symphonic and has high expectations for future endeavors, stating:

“I and the rest of the team are very happy to join Symphonic. All Houseplanet clients will now have a great home that will provide them many more features than ever before. We look forward to working with the Symphonic team to expand its footprint in the European region.”

If any of the above genres describe your music, or if you’re just simply an artist looking to get your music released, heard, and distributed, then look no further than Symphonic Distribution. Find out more about the companies and this brand new acquisition here. Check out the acquisition Spotify playlist below!