There is no ignoring the fact that America and, most importantly, six of our world’s countries, recently experienced a massive change. Trump has made a 90-day ban on all persons coming out of Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria. As we have seen in the past couple of days, there is much conflict with this order. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit against Trump, which ended in a stay on his decision.

Among the many oppositions, several of the nation’s most popular artists have spoken out in support of the opinions of ACLU. One artist that has showed extreme perseverance in this is Zedd. The Russian-born DJ took to Twitter to express his desire to show his support for ACLU by throwing a benefit show. Zedd called Sia, Camila Cabello, Macklemore, and Grimes to join him in this journey. As he reached 10,000 likes on his tweet, we are hoping this show is just around the corner. As there are no plans set in stone, he says in another tweet, “I WILL make it happen.”

These are the kind of protests we like to see! Keep it up, Zedd!