Production pair SMLE composed “Overflow,” spotlighting their ability to create uncomplicated compositions and words that perfectly frame soloist Helen Tess’ lucid voice. “You lift my spirits when you hold my hand,” chants Tess. “Anywhere we land, it’s like our toes are in the sand.” The synthesizer and keyboard notes are breezy until the galactic climax strikes. When the dust settles, it’s apparent SMLE achieved his mission: putting a genuine look of happiness on your face.

YouTube music channel Trap Nation’s sub-label Lowly Palace fosters clandestine musicians’ evolution, SMLE included. Each Lowly Palace release is gifted with personalized graphics, visually representing the theme of the musical artist or melody intact. The “Overflow” cover art contains silhouetted deer, mountain peaks and stars layered atop dreamy cool colors.

Experience “Overflow” below:

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